【NEWS】Fall Semester Announcement of Pandemic Preventions and Responses for Class

  • 2021-05-19
  • Hsiu-Ching Chen
According to the Ministry of Education on May 19, colleges and universities are to suspend on-site classes due to the pandemic. The local epidemic alert has been raised to reduce the risk of cluster infection. Schools have switched to online teaching and cancelled supplementary lessons for the summer. The staff and students of our school must work together to prevent on-campus infectious diseases, reduce the risk of campus transmission, and maintain the health and safety of teachers and students. The following measures must be taken:

Implementation time

Implementation scope

From now on


End of the semester

(Week 18)

  1. The on-site courses of the whole school must be taught remotely. Students may now study online from home.
  2. Instructors implementing “online flexible teaching” must comply with the “prevention distance learning”, using The “TronClass” platform to reach certain specifications of the distance learning (e.g. take video recordings, mark student attendance, and make class observations and discussions).
  3. All departments should immediately switch to online teaching for experimental and internship courses. Classes may not be divided for experimental teaching

Other important guidelines:

  1. All teachers must make roll call registers and mark student attendance or absence into the system.
  2. The oral examination of students’ thesis dissertations must be conducted online.
  3. For those who are affected by the pandemic in the internship/implementation section of the course: once the pandemic is over, they may apply for short-term and intensive courses to strengthen students’ abilities. (The Office of Academic Affairs will notify separately.)
  4. Teachers must pay close attention to students’ online attendance, class observations, and discussion status. Evaluation methods and other aspects, and make good use of auxiliary software to keep relevant records for future audits
Regarding the implementation time and changes in content, the Office of Academic Affairs will follow news from the Central Epidemic Command Center and immediately make adjustments accordingly, and decisions will be made after discussions from the school’s epidemic prevention team.