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Care for Students

The faculty and executive team of Asia University works hard to expand and encourage student learning and interests in subjects. The school members focus on building a positive and supportive climate for students with the greatest efforts, to ensure an effective and productive learning environment. Below are our strategies: 

  • Scholarships Many kinds of scholarships help students to achieve academic success, especially for the disadvantaged students. For more information, please visit the the Guidance and Counseling Section of the Office of Student Affairs website.
  • Dormitory Service  The Dormitory Section is for students who live in the dormitories, to help students with housing-related problems.
  • Learning Guidance The Learning and Career Development Center, along with Office of Teaching Excellence, seeks to improve students' learning development and to promote teaching-related matters.
  • Enhancing Languages The International Language Corner aims to assist students’ English-learning problems, offers both information on studying abroad and on mimic tests for English proficiency exams .
  • Free Phone Greetings The Call Center encourages faculty and students to make free-phone calls and greet their families.
  • Scores Warning The Scores Warning System and After-school Programs help students with poor academic performances.
  • Career Planning The Learning and Career Development Center actively assists students in adjusting to new learning methods, enhances their learning performance, and counsels and prepares students for their future careers.
  • Student Organizations Students are guided to run organizations as well as to help them recruit instructors or coaches. Sixty student organizations are currently available, whether dynamic or static, to enrich the students' college life.
  • Enhancing Physical Fitness The gymnasium offers space for sports, weight training equipment, aerobics classes, and dance studios. Students participate in physical education in day classes, and activities and fitness classes in the evening.
  • Internship Arrangements  All departments arrange student’s off-campus internships or training during summer and winter breaks. Departments are enouracged to incorporate business into students' learning, to enhance theory and practice.
  • Transportation Assistance AU is located at an area where many highways are available to reach the school. The No. 201, No. 108, and Puli buses are frequent and convenient, going to and from the school to the Taichung main train station.
  • Dinning and Bookstores   A food court is located on-campus, which includes a buffet, casual food shops, cafe and brunch, and a convenience store. Two Wu-feng style food areas near the school called “Health Street” and "Sixth Street" also have many food shops and convenience stores. The bookstore Caves Books is located on the first floor of the Administration Building, selling textbooks, novels, and stationery supplies.
  • Work-study Assistance The university departments offer work or internships to students on campus. Many full-time job vacancies are reserved for outstanding students who have graduated.
  • Rental Counseling Concerning the safety for students living off-campus, house rental tips, a content of leasing agreements, Q&A, and other housing-related information are compiled for students to help them find a secure place to live.
  • Relief Care A variety of relief aid funds are arranged to solve students' financial problems, and the Emergency Aid Care Center is formed in case there is a need for emergency assistance.