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Strengths and Development

Notable Achievements:

  • The first social work department in central Taiwan to establish a domestic abuse service program, which led to the participation of implementing social safety network in the central part of Taiwan.
  • The only social work department in central Taiwan to be listed in the World's Top 100 Universities.
  • The only social work department in Taiwan that manages both the Center for Community Empowerment and the Volunteer Match Center, striving to cultivate community care professionals.
  • The only social work department in Taiwan that provides a free course for social work licensure.

Local Services:

  • The department offers both social work and psychology courses, designed to train students who hope to become a social worker or a counselling psychologist.
  • The university works with hospitals in long-term care and medical social work, and cultivates medical and long-term social work professionals.
  • Combined courses from the Art Museum of Asia University, the Departments of Psychology, and the Health Care Management, and established cross-degree courses in order to conduct a variety of complementary and art therapy classes.

 The Participation in Promoting International Assistance:

  • Actively hosts conferences and participates in international organizations. 
  • Trains students to independently organize international volunteer services, participate in promoting international aid affairs, and continue to manage volunteer services in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Link: 
  • An INGO M.A. program and INGO Research Center are offered for students who aim to learn more about international social care.
  • Organizes international social work internships, assisting students in professional assistance programs to participate in international affairs independently.