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Career Opportunities

According to the department’s survey on graduate employment conducted in February of 2012, 15% of undergraduates pursued postgraduate studies, and 70% participated in full-time employment. Among those employed, 70% of them work in areas social work-related fields. Moreover, postgraduates have a remarkable 100% employment rate, and all of them work in the social work profession. These facts indicate that both undergraduates and postgraduates have bright career prospects.

Students have a variety of work to choose from:

Public Sectors (Social Administrative Positions):

Employed as a public social worker of all levels, administrative worker at the basic level (e.g. working as the deputy head of a village), personnel administrator, social educationist, school social worker, administrative work at early childhood education institution, probation officer, consultant, or working in laborer administration, military service administration, or public administration. 

Private Sectors (Corporation or Self-Employed):

Working in human resource management as a social work practitioner or a human resource agent.

The Third Sector (Non-profit Organization):

Working at a medical institution or a nursing home, social welfare institution and foundation, human resources jobs, administrative work at a non-governmental organization, and being a research assistant or doing administrative work at a university or research institute. 

Getting a Certification or a Postgraduate Degree:

Taking a civil service examination, or pursuing postgraduate studies.