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About the Department

The Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work at Asia University was established in 2001. To broaden the scope of the social work education, the department was expanded to include a master's program and a continuing education (bachelor's) program were added in 2005. 

Afterwards, the department became part of the College of Health Science. In 2007, the university reorganized its academic units, incorporating the department into The College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Adhering to the educational goals of Asia University: Health, Care, Innovation, and Excellence, the Department continues to plan professional courses that meet social development trends to cultivate social work professionals that meet social needs, including the "Social Work and Psychology Double-Professional Program" and "Medical and Long-term Care Social Work Program" two modules, are all the first in the country.


Cultivate social work professionals, participate in social welfare services, and promote the warm, harmonious and healthy development of society.

Undergraduate Program:  In response to social changes and the needs of the times, cultivate social work professionals with warmth, empathy, sincere beliefs, professional knowledge, and innovative vitality.

Graduate Program: 
Cultivate mid-to-high-level supervisory professionals with social care, empowerment for the disadvantaged, practical management and innovative research capabilities.  


A Close Staff-Student Relationship: The staff has a professional responsibility to care for the student’s educational development, helping students through the challenges they might encounter. By providing a supportive climate, the students will have better academic achievements and success.
A Flexible Curriculum: The department is adaptive to social trends and changes in the labor market. To help students understand these changes, undergraduates must choose at least one of the following modules: "Social Work and Psychology Double-Professional Program" and "Medical and Long-term Care Social Work Program" 
The Integration of Classroom-Learning and Field Practicum: Students are equipped with the knowledge of social work theories and practice, especially with the three core social work methods: casework, group work, and community work.
Valuing Multicultural Education: In social policy and social work courses on Taiwan's ethnic minorities, helping students understand cultural practices and issues faced by ethnic minorities.
Valuable Research Skills: The department's full-time academic faculties specialize in a variety of disciplines and areas of social work, including community development, counselling, social work and sociology. The department also collaborates with other academic institutions at home and abroad, giving students the opportunity to develop their research skills elsewhere.