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Call for Paper: The 1st International Conference on Humanities, Education, and Social Praxis in the Age of the New Normal 2022 (1st ICHESPAN 2022) 
2022 AU Summer Program Brochure
110-1Application to Cancel Course
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[News] A Response Guidance for Internship Courses of the Department of Social Work of Asia University during the Pandemic
【NEWS】Fall Semester Announcement of Pandemic Preventions and Responses for Class
【NEWS】2021 spring semester【Teaching Evaluation System】Announcement-December18,2020
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【News】Academic Integrity and Self-Discipline – the Regulations, Deliberations, and Precaution–September 17, 2020
【News】Social Policy in Germany (Keynote Speech)–March 5, 2020
【News】Study Abroad Program–Feb, 18, 2020
【News】Students from Ajou University Visit Asia University–Feb, 13, 2020
【News】Career and Life Adventure Planning for Youth in Community Settings–Dec. 20, 2019
【News】Enrolment Announcement for Graduate and Doctoral Admissions–Oct. 8th, 2019
【News】Exchange Program to Germany—Oct. 4th, 2019
【News】Career Activities—Sept. 26th, 2019
【News】Career Lecture: Social Work Association “Social Workers Becomes Adults”—Sept. 24th, 2019
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