[News] A Response Guidance for Internship Courses of the Department of Social Work of Asia University during the Pandemic

  • 2021-06-25
  • 廠商
  1. Overview

In response to the increasingly severe development of COVID-19, schools have switched to online teaching, and institutions have suspended access to services and internships. In order to ensure the quality of internships as well as the rights and interests of students, the social work department follows the social work education association’s guidelines for various departments from the Ministry of Education. For the guidelines of the internship courses during the pandemic, the department has developed contingency plans and processes for the internship courses (see the table and flow chart below for the contingency plans). 

  1. Guidelines

The contingency plan adopts field lessons and appropriate flexible strategies as follows:

  1. Summer Internships
  1. On-site internships (complete 75%): In the event of an appropriate flexible strategy that causes the internship to be halted, the number of internship hours may be adjusted accordingly.

(1)320 hours: At least 6 weeks, 240 hours (8 hours * 5 days * 6 weeks = 240 hours).
(2)240 hours: At least 4.5 weeks, 180 hours8 hours * 5 days * 4.5 weeks = 180 hours

(3)If the on-site internships of the institution is switched to remote work, the number of hours shall be determined by the school supervisor, the supervisor of the institution, and the student to discuss the internship working hours, and ensure that students have enough hours to complete their internship.

  1. Appropriate flexible measures (complete 25%): School supervisors may write general internship and other reports, as well as discuss specific issues during seminars. Subjects may include flexible use of project-based internships, virtual courses, or other courses such as online education and training, sharing teaching practices, live broadcasts, or classroom simulations.
    (1)320 hours: 2 weeks, 80 hours(8hr*5days *2weeks=80hours)
    (2)240 hours: 1.5weeks, 60 hours(8hr*5 days *1.5 weeks =60hours)
  2. In response to the pandemic, the summer internship program can be conducted in the following ways:

(1)Extending the internship period.
(2)Postponing the internship: Students who have not yet applied for an institution for an internship may apply during the summer break in July to August, or apply during the school semester or winter break.

(3)Switching institutions for internship: 240 hours of summer internship hours must be completed.

  1. Work with the institution’s pandemic prevention measures and manage flexible work arrangements, working at or splitting time between different locations, or working remotely.
  1. Working together with the institution’s pandemic prevention measures: working at or splitting time between different locations, or working remotely.
  2. Arrangements are made by the institution. For example, a variety of events may be conducted online, such as participating in book clubs, administrative meetings, engaging in specific discussions, case discussions and observations, or group-led observations.
  3. The school supervisor may use video chat to meet with the institution. If the supervisor would like to visit the institution on-site, they must discuss it with the institution beforehand.
  1. Program Internships
  1.  Complete 200 hours of program internship.
  2.  If the internship institution suspends the program at any time due to the pandemic, the school supervisor must discuss contingency measures with the institution.
  1. If the aforementioned contingency measures are utilized, please notify the internship committee for confirmation by the school supervisor
  1. Further information:
  1. Students must abide by the institution’s pandemic prevention regulations.
  2. The institution must assist students in accordance with the requirements of the central and city government’s epidemic prevention regulations.​​​​​​​
5. Contingency plans will be implemented after the approval by the internship committee and department. Amendments will remain the same.