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Teaching Features

  • Tradition& Prospect
  • Bearing the mature system of social work education, omitting fumble stage, expanding the courses required for the new century.

  • Macro Integration
  • Balancing both micro working skills and macro vision to teach with theory and practice.

  • Innovation and Reform
  • In response to the needs of social change s well as adjustment, innovation or reform for better efficiency, we create the “The Legal Aspects of Social Work” program and the “Multicultural Social Work” program.

  • Multiple Reform
  • Assuring 6 aboriginal students enrollment every year and creating the “Aboriginal Social Work" program.

  • Health and Humanities
  • Valuing education and internship of community organization and development, guiding students into communities for internship to help student experience community work methods.

  • Health and Humanities
  • Close relationship with College of Medical and Health Science and College of Humanities and Social Sciences, through mutual support to provide humanity education.

According to the social needs, our department has adjusted and created innovative courses. We keep planning professional programs to meet the social development trend with health, care, innovation, and excellence of AU educational goals. We initiated the Family and Community Health Program, The Legal Aspects of Social Work Program, and the Multicultural Social Work Program to foster professional social workers for our society.

Our Department pays attention to community development and organization work, guiding students for community work methods. It undertakes government's entrusted programs for cultivating community workers, including:

  1. Biking around Communities:
  2. In order to encourage students to know and concern the local communities, we have held the Biking Communities activity since 2005. The activities have been held for 5 years. We purchased 20 bicycles in 2006 as tools for community teaching to facilitate the faculty and students practicing in communities and extend interaction between university and community.
  3. Setting up the AU Volunteer Service Team:
  4. The Team serves communities around the school by  providing multiple and sustainable services for the elementary and secondary schools as well as  institutions. It also promotes the university-community partnership. The Team also joins the  Taichung County Peaceful Voluntary Service Team.
  5. Actively linking to communities to expand students' practical experiences:
  6. We assisted the Nan-Liu Community to carry out an integrating program to care foreign spouses, low-income families, and single-parent families. We conducted a youth program by using theater workshop to foster volunteers. We went to prisons to conduct groupwork programs as well as create an innovative course, called "Community Empowerment for the Disadvantaged Families".
  7. Village-officer as social worker:
  8. This issue has been discussed for nearly 20 years. Both academics and practitioners do nothing for it, we actively help students to attend the national exams to be qualified for the position of villager-office.

Our department values multicultural education with assuring 6 aboriginal students enrollment every year, the amount of aboriginal students in AU leads university social work departments in Taiwan. This will encourage them to become co-learners and then further to develop tribal welfare.The professional thinking of respect for multiple cultures will make a strong foundation for foreign spouses and new immigrants social work.


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