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【News】Asia University Language & Culture Summer Program for Visiting International Students
Hot News.2017/02/08
【News】Dr. Yu-fen Nan of the Social work Department was selected as a Model Instructor
Hot News.2017/1/11
【News】President Jing-pha Tsai of Asia University presented the 2016 Innovative Teaching Award
Hot News.2016/12/19
【News】Agenda for the International Conference on Social Care and Community Development, Asia University
Hot News.2016/11/17
【News】The Thirteenth Summer Internship Presentation and  the Fourteenth Summer Intership Seminar 
Hot News.2016/10/19
【News】2016 New students counseling time-table
Hot News.2016/9/5~9/19
【News】2016 Welcome  party
Hot News.2016/8/31
【News】Yi-xuan Lin, a student of the Department of Social Work of Asia University.''Life is like a rainbow."
Hot News.2016/8/29
【News】lnternational Volunteer Work
Hot News.2016/8/1-8/15
【News】Development Conference
Hot News.2016/7/3-7/4
【News】Description of Pre-Internship
Hot News.2016/6/18
  【News】2016 Conference of Humanities Innovations and Social Practice in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hot News.2016/5/19-5/20
【News】Delegation Attended the World Congress
Hot News.2015/12/3
【News】 Delegations Visit Mainland for Academic Exchange, Warming up
Hot News.2015/12/2
【News】Stunning Achievements by Wenzao Students
Hot News.2015/12/3
【News】Number of ratio of students in double-major among
Hot News.2015/12/1
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