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I. Fulfill the Ideal of Internationalization via Asia University 317

Global mobility is one key competence the department has endeavored to foster in our faculty, staff and student body in both teaching and research. We try to educate our students in at least 3 languages: Mandarin Chinese, English and programing language or second foreign language, thereby laying a solid foundation for their global mobility. We encourage and offer financial support to our students for their overseas study and/or internship, hoping they will make good use of our university’s 7 pathways for going abroad to broaden their horizon at least once (1) in their four-year study at Asia University. They are all expected to take off and soar high and far by means of education.

We will take the following initiatives and action plans to further our performances in global outlook:

  1. To add performances in carrying out MOE’s “Scholarships for Excellent Students to Study Abroad” , “Pilot Overseas Internships” , and “Hardships for Students to Study Abroad” projects to the required performance indexes of a teacher’s annual assessment,
  2. To make use of the exchange student program or the (2+2) dual degree program of our overseas partner universities to help recruit international students,
  3. To offer language and culture courses in relation to ASEAN nations, such as Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese language, to our students who are interested in the region,
  4. To organize the second generation of our immigrants from ASEAN nations as volunteers, help them go back to their mothers’ homeland to revitalize the relationship between Taiwan and ASEAN as a way to help further the government’s “New Southbound Policy”.

 II.    Department Strengths in International Outlook

  1. The trend of internationalization in higher education around the globe provides a good opportunity for our students to develop their global mobility.
  2. The department encourages overseas internships, and as a result of this policy the number of students who do internship overseas is increasing yearly.
  3. The department realizes the significance of the MOE’s “Scholarships for Excellent Students to Study Abroad”, “Pilot Overseas Internships”, and “Hardships for Students to Study Abroad” projects as important means for sending students overseas to develop their global mobility.
  4. The volunteer service of the department has been internationally recognized.
  5. The department decided to design a cross-disciplinary English taught program for graduates, which will begin its recruitment in the fall semester, 2018.
  6. We continue hosting annual international conference for global networking and establishing our academic reputation.
  7. In accordance with the government’s “New Southbound Policy, the department is implementing its own strategies and action plans in furthering the bilateral relationship with our partner universities in ASEAN nations in terms of student exchange, internship, and dual degree programs.
  8. In accordance with the government’s “New Southbound Policy, the department is endeavoring to recruit its international students from ASEAN nations, creating in this manner a more international campus.

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