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  Career Opportunities

According to the department’s survey on graduate employment conducted in February, 2012, 15% of the undergraduates pursue postgraduate study, and 70% participate in full-time employment. Among those employed, 70% of them work in areas related to social work profession. The postgraduates have a remarkably 100% employment rate, and all of them work in the social work profession. These facts indicate that both under- and post-graduates have very bright career prospects. The graduates have a verity of work to choose from:

  1. Public Sector (Social Administrative Positions):
  2. Public social worker of all levels, administrative worker of the basic level (such as the deputy head of village), personnel administrator, social educationist, school social worker, administrative work at early childhood education institution, probation officer, consultant, laborer administration, military service administration, and ethnic administration, etc.
  3. Private Sector (Corporation or Self-Employed):
  4. Human resource management work, social work practitioner, and human resource agent.
  5. The Third Sector (Non-profit Organization):
  6. Social worker at medical institution and nursing home, social worker at social welfare institution and foundation, human resource and job centre, administrative work at non-governmental organization, and research assistant or administrative work at university or research institute.
  7. Certificate or Postgraduate Education Pursuing:
  8. Civil service examination, certificate examination, or to pursue postgraduate study at home or abroad.

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