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The Department of Social Work

"The Department of Social Work" was established in 2001 when the school was founded. In 2004 the Department expanded its programs to include a master’s program and an extension. In 2005, the school was granted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) a comprehensive university status and renamed "Asia University" as a result of its excellence in pedagogy and research excellence. The Department then belonged to “the College of Health Science.” In 2007, the university restructured its academic units, incorporating the Department into “the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.” In accordance with the university’s educational goals to foster students in “health”, “caring”, “innovation”, and “excellence”, the four core competences that the university requires its students to develop, the Department re-designs its curriculum to nurture quality and professional social workers. In addition to some core courses, the curriculum mainly consists of the following 3 tracks: “the Health Care and Social Care Track”, “the Social Work Track”, and “the Minority Empowerment and Judicial Protection Track”.


To become top 10 departments in the field and to develop social workers and professionals who are preferred for employment by institutes and industries.

Educational Goals for Undergraduate Students

To cultivate warm-hearted, compassionate, innovative, practical, and dynamic social workers and professionals who are able to exercise their knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of the times in the age of social mobility.

Educational Goals for Graduate Students

To cultivate middle and high levels of social workers and professionals who care for the disadvantaged and the minority, and who are creative and innovative as well as practical in management.


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