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Curriculum Planning

In terms of the curricula of freshmen and sophomore, we focus on the social work fundamental education and general education of social sciences. For junior and senior students, we focus on social work professional training and filed education. For the master program, we emphasize on both theory and practice aiming to foster middle and high level social workers, managers of social welfare policy, administrators, as well as social work researchers.

Curriculum Design Concept

Undergraduate Curriculum planning concepts includes:

  1. Basic abilities: three kinds of methodology of social work.
  2. Professional Knowledge: concerning social issues.
  3. Professional Programs: Social Work Professional Competency Program, Health Care and Social Care Program, as well as Empowerment for the Vulnerable and Judicial Protection Program.
  4. Practical Skills: Introduction to Social Work Field Internship and Practice.

Graduate Curriculum planning concepts include:

  1. Excellent professional knowledge.
  2. Innovative research methods and capabilities.

Introduction to Professional Program Content and Core Curriculum

  1. Social Work Professional Competency Program
  2. Through social work basic philosophical concepts, professional knowledge as well as work methods, we guide students to social work field internship. So that students can accomplish the necessary qualifications for the national social worker certificate examination.
    The specialized courses in this field include: Introduction to Social Work Practice, Social Insurance and Social Assistance, Social Resources and Links, Helping with Interview Skills, Non-profit Organizations, Social Work Management, Counseling and Guidance, Social Work Practicum, Social Work Ethics, Social Work Program Internship, Social Work Theory, etc.
  3. Health Care and Social Care
  4. This program is for social work development to echo the social needs of the health care essence, social change in ageing population, era of care, as well as public long-term care. The professional courses are Medical Sociology, Community Welfare: Theory and Practice, Introduction to Health Care, Social Work for the Aged, Social Work in Health Setting, Disability Social Work, Mental Health and Social Work, Community Empowerment Work, Long-term Care and Social Work, Population Issues and Social Work, Palliative Care and Grief Counseling, Community Work Skills and Methods.
  5. Empowerment for the Vulnerable and Judicial Protection
  6. Because of social changes in family structure, gender, social relations adjustment, ethnic diversity, domestic violence, trends of flexible justice, and other emerging issues, we focus on correction and probation work. Furthermore, more justice is involved in children’s rights and interests to emphasize social work for protection for the vulnerable. Courses for this program are: Child and Adolescent Welfare and Social Work, Criminology and Criminal Policy, Administrative law , Juvenile Justice Act and Probation System, Family Social Work, Family Issues and Legal Norms, Sexual Assault Prevention and Treatment, Domestic Violence Intervention, Sexual Social Work, Volunteering Services and Social Work, Workplace Social Work, Multicultural Social Work, etc.
    Other undergraduate and Master curriculum planning courses details, please see the Department Network "Curriculum Planning" section.

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