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Department Strengths

  1. Close teacher-student relationship, serious student counseling
  2. Since the Department of Social Work established, the faculty has created close and warm teacher-student relationship. We actively concern students’ learning and life on the campus. We have an excellent learning environment.
  3. Flexible courses, providing professional programs
  4. We are a young department. Our course planning is based on both the social developmental trend and social needs for social workers. Graduates should complete one of the professional programs, including Family and Community Health Program, Legal Aspects of Social Work Program, and Multicultural Social Work Program.
  5. Social work field internship focuses on community organization and development
  6. All programs in our department integrate theory and practice. Directed services including Individuals, groups, and communities are well applied in community field internship. Our department has been long-term engaged in community practice work by guiding students to use community work methods.

  7. Focusing on multicultural education:
  8. We assure 10 aboriginal students enrollment every year. We design core courses of multicultural social work to provide them a better learning environment and opportunities for developing their potential. The professional thinking of respect on different cultures has become a solid basis on social work of foreign spouses and new immigrants.


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