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  Characteristics of courses

The Department of Social Work of Asia University was established in 2001, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Based upon the university’s mission to deliver healthy, caring, innovative and prominent education, this department aims to equip students with the capacities of humanity, profession and innovation and with the ability to act at the grass roots as well as at a more advanced level. Three modules have been integrated into the undergraduate curriculum. They are “Social Work and Psychology Specializing Module”, “Health Care and Community Work Module” and “Empowerment and Judiciary System Module”. Upon graduation, the students will have to complete at least one of the above modules.

“Shaping a Healthy and Vibrant Social Work Profession” is our slogan. The courses we provide are creative and diverse with interactive teaching methods. For instance, we have courses incorporating classroom teaching with workshops on documentary filming, on drama and story telling, with participant work with indigenous and new immigrant communities, or with overseas leaning and voluntary work.

For the first and second year undergraduate students, the curriculum plans to introduce students to the basics of social work and social sciences; and for the third and fourth year, the importance of professional and practical training has been emphasized. At the postgraduate level, the theory and practice-oriented contents are well balanced, aiming to nurture future social workers of intermediate/high level, professionals with social policy/social administration knowledge, and social work researchers.

Social Work and Psychology Specializing Module Health Care and Community Work Module Empowerment and Judiciary System Module
Department of Social Work Core Modules
College of Humanity and Social Sciences Fundamental Module
General Education Courses
The Structure of the Undergraduate Curriculum.



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  Grading Standard


Graduate (Master of Social Work Program)

  Course Outline


  Grading Standard


Graduate Abilities

We are confident that upon graduation, our students will be equipped with the following abilities:

 The Abilities to Care and to Provide Services:

  • Being able to assess the social functions and needs of individuals, families and communities.
  • Being able to plan and to implement the treatments to rehabilitate the social functions of the service users.
  • Being able to abide by the social work ethics and to utilize legal knowledge in social work practices.

 The Abilities to Collaborate:

  • Being able build an appropriate partnership with the service users.
  • Being able to work as a team and to collaborate with other departments or institutions.

 The Abilities to Integrate and Manage Information:

  • Being able to integrate available social resources to assist service users.
  • Being able to utilize management skills to help develop social work services.

 The Abilities to Think Critically to Pursue Self-progression:

  • Sensitive to and having insight into social issues.
  • Having logical and reasoning abilities.
  • Being able to view social problems with critical perspectives.
  • Being able to do research and self-learning actively.

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