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AU’s executive team sincerely and seriously runs the school. We take good care of students with the greatest efforts in order to provide an excellent learning environment. Below are our strategies:

1 Scholarship We provide many kinds of scholarship to help students study successfully, especially for the disadvantaged students. Please see details on Website of Office of Student Affairs, Guidance and Counseling Section.
2 Dormitory Service Dormitory Section is specially setup to serve students who live in the dormitories. We help students to solve accommodation related problems.
3 Learning Guidance We setup the Learning and Career Development Center to enhance students learning guidance, along with Office of Teaching Excellence to promote teaching related affairs.
4 Enhancing Languages We setup the International Language Corner to answer students’ English learning problems, as well as provide information for study abroad and English proficiency examinations mimic tests.
5 Free Phone Greetings We setup the Free Call Greetings Center to encourage the faculty and students to make free-phone calls and greet their families.
6 Scores Warning We promote the Scores Warning System and After-school Program to help students of poor performance immediately.
7 Career Planning The Learning and Career Development Center actively assists students to adjust learning methods as well as enhances the learning performance. It also counsels students to well prepare for their future career right from their first year to enhance competitiveness.
8 Student Organizations We actively counsel students to run organizations as well as help them recruit instructors or coaches. Currently, there are almost 60 student organizations, dynamic or static, which enrich students' college life.
9 Enhancing Physical fitness Our gymnasium provides space for comprehensive sports stadium with equipments of weight training, aerobics and dance studio. It is for physical education in day time, available for students’ activities and fitness at night.
10 Internship arrangement All departments arrange student’s off-campus internship or corporate training during summer and winter vacation. We also actively encourage departments to corporate with business to enhance student’s ability to integrate learning and practice.
11 Transportation Assistance AU is located at the traffic network core. Many highways are available to reach the school. We arrange Taichung bus No. 1 00 and Puli bus to serve our students. Bus schedules are frequent and very convenient.
12 Dinning and Bookstore There is a school food court, including buffet, casual food stores, coffee snack meals, 7-11 stores etc. There is a Wu-feng style food street called “Health Street” next to school. A branch of Caves Books is located at 1 st floor of Administration Building to provide students for books and stationery.
13 Work-study Assistance The university departments provide many opportunities for students to wok or internship on the campus. Parts of full-time job vacancies are reserved for outstanding graduates.
14 Rental counseling In considering safety of students’ living off-campus, we compile an off-campus house rental tips, housing lease content, Q& A, and other related information to help students to find a safe place to live.
15 Relief Care In order to solve students’ financial problems, we have arranged various relief aid funds and set up the Emergency Aid Care Center for an emergency assistance in needs.


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